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Officer John Roberts martial arts expertise spans 52 years of training and 30 years teaching. He attained the rank of 8th degree Black Belt in Taekwondo,Hapkido, Gumdo and Combato and was twice name instructor of the year by the U.S. Taekwondo Federation. In addition, he is a self-defense instructor in Police Control Tactics, a U.S. Military hand-to-hand Combat instructor and a U.S. Marines and Air Force Special Forces instructor.

This training and experience has been invaluable in his extensive police career. His career as a police officer has included beat patrol officer,tactical officer, plain clothed officer, protection officer for the mayor of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley) and Narcotics officer. John spent 10 years as a Chicago Police Academy Instructor, firearms instructor, certified instructor from the State of Illinois and FBI firearms training course, co-originator of physical education and police control tactics.

Officer Roberts has received many awards in his career. To list just a few, he has received City of Chicago City Council Award, Carter Harrison Award for Bravery, Medal of Valor,Medal of Merit, 2 life saving awards, 2 unit citations and the Richard J. Daley Award. Finally, Officer Roberts has 5 Department Commendations for arrests and 300 Honorable mention Awards for outstanding arrests.

Currently Officer Roberts is a police officer for the village of Round Lake Heights, Illinois Police Department. His duties include Aggressive-preventive patrol, training officer for use of forceand tools, firearms instructor and Rapid Deployment Team member.
Officer Terrance Kaminski Sr. is trained in the following areas: interpersonal community relations,communication skills, suicide prevention, victim advocacy, domestic violence, computer generated writing, report writing,mobile data terminal for patrol cars (ALERTS, CAD, LEAD), traffic enforcement, defensive driving, field sobriety testing, police use of force, hand cuffing, transport of high risk prisoners, correctional direct supervision, gang intelligence, court liabilities for defensive tactics, expandable baton, firearms, taser, specialized stabbing, implements, officer survival, close quarters combat shooting, uniform etiquette, honor guard and CPR first aid. In addition, Officer Kaminski is a graduate of the Penn Foster School as a Dog Obedience Trainer and Instructor. Finally, he is an AKC Certified Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Officer Kaminski's has a wide range of experience as security officer, corrections officer, and K9 trainer/handler. He and K9 Nadja, his dog, have been certified in Canine Evidence Recovery. That team has been responsible for 19 firearms recovery, 11 successful search and rescue of missing children and has assisted various police agencies in narcotic searches.

He has attended the University of Illinois for law enforcement training and is currently finishing up a degree in Criminal Justice. Officer Kaminiski was named the first taser instructor in the state of Illinois for a parks and conservation law enforcement agency. In addition, he was only one of two officers in the state of Illinois to complete testing and evaluation for the X-3 taser prototype unit. To round off these accomplishments, he is a Master Firearms Instructor, Master OC Spray Instructor, Police K9 Trainer/Handler and Master Expandable Baton Instructor.

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