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There is a FOID (Firearm Owners Identification Card) backlog in Illinois,
but how bad is it. According to the Illinois State Police there is a 60 day wait.
However, that is disputed by the president of GAT Guns in East Dundee.
Read the article at CBS Chicago
Concealed carry bill is approved by the Illinois legislature.
Now, will the govenor sign it?
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The much awaited conceal carry law.
Was amended by Govenor Quinn and given back to
the Illinois Legislator where it was passed.
Congradulations Illinoisians, concealed carry is now the law.
This law will acutally not take effect for 180 days.
For further information concerning the Concealed Carry law please
refer to the Illinios State Police FAQ site concerning this law.
Illinois State Police Concealed Carry FAQ

Read the article at Yahoo! News

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